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Design Your Custom Palm Tree

Use the figures below to help configure your own custom Designer Palm tree.

Palm tree styles

When using our palms around your landscaping, you might want to group two or three palms together to create a “clump” effect. Then, by adding single palms around the surrounding area it will create a finished look.

Clumping of palms is most effective when they are of different sizes, for example a 7ft., 9ft. & 12ft. or 8ft., 12ft. & 15ft.

Please remember that when you are adding the fronds you will also be adding about 2ft. to 4ft. in height. We have found that with a “clump” of three palms it gives them a fuller effect with two regular groups of fronds and one extra large group of fronds.

For special styles, sizes or shapes Contact Us. All palms are handmade, so no two will be the same.

Frond styles
Frond sizes

Xsmall Fronds
Has a small canopy of approximately 6ft. Recommended for 7ft. and 8ft trunks.
Recommended Fronds: 4 small, 4 medium and 4 large (Total of 12 fronds).

Regular Fronds
Has a full look with canopy spread of approximately 8ft. Will fit all trunk sizes.
Recommended fronds: 4 Small , 4 Medium , and 4 Large . (Total of 12 fronds).

Extra Long Fronds
Has a long graceful look with a canopy that covers approximately 12ft.
Must have trunk height of 10ft. or more.
Recommended fronds: 4 Small , 4 Medium , and 4 Large . (Totaling 12 fronds).

Coconut lighting is a great way to down light a patio, steps, or any other area needing a little light. In a group of three palm trees lights in two trees looks fabulous.

Ready to enjoy your own Designer Palm? Contact us to request a quote.